Vladimir Putin is very aggressive, assertive and manipulative says CIA Chief John Brennan


CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday said the US should be ready about Russian President Vladimir Putin as he seems to be 'exceptionally confident, forceful and manipulative'. "He (Putin) is some individual who is exceptionally forceful, extremely confident," the CIA Director John Brennan said. "I think his knowledge foundation gives him a specific point of view. A considerable measure of the senior Russian authorities are additionally previous KGB (Russian security organization).

As he's some individual that we have to, I believe, be exceptionally careful about regarding his capacity to control situations for Russia's preference," he said while reacting to an inquiry. He likewise said that Russians may gather data in digital domain. "I imagine that we must be, extremely careful about what the Russians may attempt to do as far as gathering, too gathering data in that digital domain, and additionally what they might need to do with it," the CIA Minister said.

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"In specific territories, they are foes, yes. Be that as it may, likewise, in ranges, we have to discover approaches to coordinate with them, since they do likewise have a personal stake in attempting to bring strength and attempting to disassemble these psychological oppressor associations," he included. Russia, he said, is a force to be reckoned with.

 "They are included in a wide range of parts of the world, military capacity. They're required in the Middle East right now, clearly in Ukraine, Central Asia. Along these lines, Russia is an imposing enemy in various ranges. Likewise, there are territories that we should have the capacity to work with Russia, particularly in Syria," he stated. Russia has "extraordinarily" able and complex digital abilities, as far as gathering, and also whatever else it might need to do in that digital circle, he said.

"So we have known this for a long time. Their knowledge administrations are entirely dynamic around the globe. This is something that we need to ensure that we're alert for our national security purposes, as well as for ensuring that our arrangement of government here will be safeguarded," he said. He said that hacking of the server of the Democratic National Committee was a criminal movement.

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