Vivek Dahiya doesn’t want to be paired opposite wife Divyanka Tripathi on screen


 Actor Vivek Dahiya is one of the leading actors of small screen, so is his wife Divyanka Tripathi. The real life couple, seen together on the hit show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein doesn't want to be cast opposite each other. Vivek confessed that he wouldn't want to romance his wife on screen.
The actor was also candid about the personal and professional changes that the two have witnessed in their respective lives post marriage.

Question: Have things changed for you on work front post marriage?
Vivek Dahiya: No, I was doing the same earlier. Professionally nothing has changed at all; personally yes I have become more responsible as there is another person who becomes an extension of you. We think collectively, it's no more about me, it's about us now.

Question: How does it feel to have a real life and reel life wife at the same time?
Vivek Dahiya: On screen wife doesn't matter, and real life wife helps you become a better person in any which way. Unknowingly you rub your traits against each other.

Question: How often do you go out with Divyanka? Are dinner dates of the same frequency as they were before marriage?
Vivek Dahiya: We try to stick to our meals and follow it. For us outings are watching movies together. We like to go out and buy popcorn and enjoy the movie in each other's company. We just look forward to that.

Question: Do you help her with the household chores?
Vivek Dahiya: We both do it collectively. I do whatever work is pending if I'm starting late and vice versa.

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Question: What is that one thing that has changed the most post marriage?
Vivek Dahiya: One thing that has changed the most is that whoever I meet now, they always mention my wife which never happened before. The society holds you together which is a nice change.

Question: If you get a show where the two of you are paired opposite each other, would you take it?
Vivek Dahiya: We have discussed about it and Divyanka wouldn't want it. It would be weird to work together and come back home together and do that over and over again. I'd rather not want it for myself as well. I'm quite happy with the way our characters are on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as we are not paired opposite each other.

Question: Have responsibilities increased post marriage?
Vivek Dahiya: Not really. I don't think of it that way. We have to run errands together, which I have always done before.

Question: Was it difficult to get into work mode after marriage?

Vivek Dahiya: Ya, it was such a nice break. We were surrounded by family, friends and relatives. It seemed like a jet lag to come back to work and get into work mode. I was zoned out for the first couple of days but eventually came to terms with my work.


Question: Do the industry people see you differently now?

Vivek Dahiya: (Laughs) No, infact people look at me and say you don't look married.

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