Vital organs taken out of our body of recommendations, says Justice R M Lodha


Justice R M Lodha is surprised at the dilution of his suggestions by the BCCI associates. Justice Lodha on Wednesday has also conveyed that, I am shocked to see that the BCCI has discarded all the main reforms.

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It’s an inclusive report arranged by the officials and by eradicating the vital organs, nothing stays in the recommended reforms. I don’t know what is happening. “What is the point in deliberating when the decision now given by the Supreme Court? I don’t comprehend where is the likelihood of changing the suggestions when all the review petitions have been rejected,” he deplored.

Lodha said the zenith court will maybe accept a call soon as the employment of the Lodha Committee was just to set up those proposals for changes and it has no energy to drive the BCCI to actualize them.

“In the event that the BCCI rejects changes like the forces of the administrators and the extent of the zenith gathering, it implies BCCI is not inspired by executing the changes by any means. I am certain the fair Supreme Court will investigate it soon,” Lodha said.

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