Visitors can not go to this city of the Cyprus, know why


Varosa city was once the favorite destination of the island country of Cyprus, but now it has become the world’s largest ghost town. Along with tourists, restrictions have been imposed on ordinary people. Turkey was attacked in 1974, and after the attack, the city became completely empty.

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Even after nearly 43 years have passed, the city is still in desperate condition. Before the Turkish invasion, the city’s population was around 40,000, which became vacant on the night of the Turkish army’s attack. Fearing the massacre, all the people of the city resorted to nearby cities and took shelter. Let you know that the Turkish army attacked the European country of Cyprus in protest against the coup of Greece nationalists here.

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Turkey claimed that the protection of Turkish Minorities living on the island behind the attack was a major reason. The result was that Greece divided Cyprus and Turkey into two parts in Cyprus. Since the attack, the city of Varosa is under the occupation of the Turkish army. No visitor is allowed to come except Turkey’s trailing team here.