Visit these famous churches of India on Christmas 2017


25 December day marks the significance of birth anniversary of Jesus. This festival is full of happiness. According to beliefs it is said that on this day the birth anniversary of Jesus is celebrated. Before the fourth century, Christian communities didn’t celebrate this day as festival but after fourth century onwards, the main festival of Christian started being celebrated.

Undiscovered places for New Year celebrations in India

  1. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

It is located in Old Goa and involves preserve of St. Francis Xavier. This church was built on 1594 onwards and it was sacred in 1605. Suggestive of untainted Baroque style architecture, it is one of the popular church of Goa City and is wonderful from within.

  1. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kerala

This church is located at Fort Kochi in Kerala. It was built in 1505 by Francisco de Almeida, the church was announced in 1984 as a church by the then Pope John Paul II. It was constructed by Portuguese and was given the rank of a cathedral in 1558 by Pope Paul IV. It is considered as one the most popular church of India.

  1. Reis Magos Church, Goa

It is situated in the Reis Magos village of the North Goa district in Goa. It was constructed in year 1555 by Franciscan Friars.  It is popular by name “Church of the Three Magi Kings”.  This church is located between quiet villages and involves reminiscences of the law of ancient Portuguese supremacy. A wonderful view, this devotion to St. Jerome sits right next to the Reis Magos Fort.

Best places for your memorable vacations this winter season!

  1. St. Francis Church, Kerala

It was constructed in year 1503 and this church is famous European church in India that was built by the Portuguese. It is of cultural and historic importance as it was built in the colonial scuffle of Indians against the European supremacy. The church also served as interment place for the Portuguese voyager Vasco Da Gama, who lost their lives in Kochi in year 1524.  Later, he was shifted to Lisbon. Several people come to this place for the prayers.