Visit Pataleshwar Temple of Shiva To Prevent Skin Diseases


Medical area is growing day by day. The doctors have been taking high fees from the patients. Most of the people face skin related problems these days due to monsoon change. To overcome it, people consult doctors. But now, there’s no need of going to doctor as today I am telling you about a temple where skin related problems get solved easily.

How to get prosperity at home?

This temple is of Lord Shiv Ji where all the skin related problems can be treated.  Several people visit this temple as they believe that skin problems get solved here. It is famous by name Pataleshwar temple.

Measures to take on Sunday

It is situated on Moradabad and Agra highways of Uttar Pradesh.  This temple of Shiva falls in Sadabad village. It is said that if any devotee of Lord Shiva offered a broom with his true devotion, then their skin diseases are prevented.