Virbhadra Singh: Sanskrit language is not only the mother of all languages but also of our culture.


SHIMLA:  Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Thursday called for promoting Sanskrit language saying it is not only the mother of all languages but also the of our culture.

"Sanskrit is known as 'Dev Vani' (language of lords) and all the Vedas, Puranas, Epics and Granths has been scripted in Sanskrit and it should be promoted," Mr Singh said while presiding over a three-day National Sanskrit Seminar on the 'Role of Sanskrit in Development of Nation and Society' at Solan on Thursday.

"Sanskrit enables us to understand the evolution of ancient Indian civilisation which has helped immensely in making India 'Vishwa Guru'," he added.He said the need of the hour was to preserve the ancient language along with our traditions and culture.

"Sanskrit is being studied as foreign language even in the west, and Indian epics and Mahakavyas in Sanskrit had been translated in other languages also but original texts have their own charge," Mr Singh said.He expressed concern over the declining interest of youth in the language and exhorted them to study and do more research in the Indian customary languages.

The Chief Minister said the government would provide financial assistance to anyone who wants to pursue higher education in Sanskrit and lauded the efforts of the scholars who have promoted the language in the state.