Virat Kohli shares two iconic photographs with Rahul Dravid on Twitter, gets nostalgic


New Delhi: Virat Kohli just shared a couple of iconic photographs with Rahul Dravid on Twitter as you can see below. Iconic because they tell an inspiring tale. The first photograph is 10 years old and one can see Kohli with a bunch of other young boys having his fan moment with Dravid. Fast forward to a recent photograph and that sees Darvid interviewing Kohli.

As you can read, the caption too captures the thought of a young boy’s dreams coming true. It is quite a story one would say. Both Kohli and Dravid are not similar as characters, they are in fact as different as chalk and cheese, and yet there are similarities one must not ignore. Both urban, middle class boys, rising from not so extraordinary beginnings to becoming men who captured the imagination of many in their land.

Kohli has had a fine career thus far but one would imagine that he is only half way through. Still in his late 20s, his best is ahead of him. Dravid had a long, fulfilling career and Kohli would be proud to have a career like that. We would know if that happens or not when we fast forward another 10 years.

Meanwhile, one must applaud the fact that Kohli has made an encouraging beginning to his career as a captain. He still has difficult assignments ahead of him but West Indies is a good place to start. The test may have not been very stern but it has given him space to settle down and find his own niche as a skipper.

Where Indian captains have struggled has been their performance in conditions such as Australia and South Africa, and Kohli will have his chance. Then we will probably judge his legacy. For now that can wait as India are happy dominating against West Indies.