Virat Kohli Sends A Motivational Message To Aleem Dar’s Son..


New Delhi: Virat Kohli has always enjoyed a love-hate relationship with Pakistan cricket fans. Those across the border admire his batting brilliance but hate the fact he always shows up against their team. Virat Kohli enjoys a massive following both on the field and off it, and it isn’t surprising that Umpire Aleem Dar’s son is a fan of the great batsman too. Dar, who is currently officiating in the India-West-Indies test match series, delivered Kohli a video message sent by his son Hasan. 

After watching the video, Virat Kohli sent a heartfelt reply to the youngster asking him to be dedicated and to work hard on his game. He also asked him to meet him sometime in future if he accompanies his father Aleem Dar on a tour featuring India.

It’s reassuring to know that the people of two rival nations can still come together and be inspired by sportsmen such as Kohli and appreciate the game rather than bickering over who’s the best amongst all. The game of cricket can act as a bridge between two nations and this video is proof of that!