Villagers displaced by the Barvi dam are demanding proper rehabilitation


THANE: Thousands of villagers from Murbad in Maharashtra's Thane on protest demanding rehabilitation for loss of their lands due to the Barvi damn project. The construction of the dam – which was started in 1972 – affected 29 villages in Thane and dislodged a huge number of individuals.

Kamlakar Bhoir, president of the Barvi Peedith Seva Sangh, said that the legislature must meet the long pending requests of the protestors or they would be compelled to turn to unsettling.A week ago excessively several towns from Murbad had completed a tranquil dissent before the region organization office to draw the consideration of their situation. Each rainstorm, the dam authorities discharge water to facilitate the levels in the dam, which causes flooding in the area apportioned to the villagers.

Mr Bhoir charged that the administration has not taken the issue of restoration of the influenced individuals truly. He said that exclusive a portion of the families were restored in the primary period of the undertaking, while the others were not given legitimate offices.

The villagers are requesting an appropriate review to incorporate every one of those influenced by the development of the damn to determine the issue totally.