This village of China Reproduces Over 3 Million Snakes A Year


You must have read and heard about snakes. We are telling you about the place where the snakes are grown up. People are engaged in cultivating snakes in place of grains here. You will be amazed to know that the cultivation of snake is taking place in China. In this village of China, people cultivate poisonous snake whose bite can make people die on the spot.

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Farming is done at large level in China’s farms. There are many villages in China where this work is being done at a large level. There is only one such village in China, where about one thousand people resides. All these people grow 30 million snakes every year. Every year about 30 thousand snakes are cultivated.

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Apart from this, different parts of the snake are used for different functions here. Snakes are also used for medicines in China. This village is recognized as Zisiqao. Prior, here jute and cotton was cultivated.