Vikram Bhatt: Love becomes rare, When you become successful


Producer Vikram Bhatt, who is showing “Spotlight”, a web series which discusses the dull side of Bollywood, says ironicly when a man isn’t fruitful, he or she is encompassed by adoring individuals and companions, yet as a man ascensions the step of achievement, love becomes rare.

“To my brain, “Spotlight” is not such a great amount about Bollywood but rather about a young lady in Bollywood. It is about everything that you need. You get popularity, money, yet the higher you climb, the lonelier you get. The one thing that winds up noticeably uncommon as you go higher, similar to when we climb the mountain, oxygen ends up plainly lesser… Love becomes rare,” Bhatt told media.

“You long for that one person with whom you can share. It is a sort of an irony that when you don’t have achievement, you have individuals around you and when you do have achievement, you don’t have that person with whom you can share it. It is the depression of fame which is the thing that “Spotlight” is about,” he included.

Directed by Suhail Tatari, “Spotlight” is an fictional biopic of a Bollywood starlet. It highlights Tridha Choudhury alongside Sid Makkar.