Vijay Mallya wants handsome dealing, calls Indian authorities to London for inquisition


Indian businessman and politician Vijay Mallya has alleged the Indian authorities to carry out a "witch hunt" against him. He even told the authorities to approach him in London for interviewing him as he has “nothing to hide”.

This week, in interview with 'Autosport', Mallya said “My presence in India is impossible because my diplomatic passport has been revoked.”

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"There is no other way I can describe what is happening other than a witch hunt. I just have to ride out the storm," he told the sports magazine.

"They (the Indian authorities) have had access to many executives of Kingfisher Airlines, and they have had access to thousands of documents. If the missing link is only to interview me, come to London and interview me, get on the radio conference and interview me, send me an email with questions and I will reply. I have nothing to hide," Mallya said.

"But it seems a bit contradictory and disconcerting, that just because I'm not physically present in India, that they should issue an arrest warrant and cancel my passport. What confidence does that give me about their real intentions," the 60-year-old asked.

The charges had been put against him in March for the alleged transaction of $1.4-billion linked to the distorted Kingfisher Airlines.

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Mallya further added in magazine, "My first brush with the investigative authorities was in 1985. They came at me hammer and tongs for almost two years and finally found nothing, and I was completely exonerated. So sadly in India, these investigative agencies are political tools that do not hesitate to go on a wild-goose chase, and in the process it is nothing but persecution.”