Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls


Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls is a tasty and healthy recipe that you can easily try at home. What makes this a healthy option is that unlike spring rolls it’s not deep fried and is generally prepared with a variety of herbs, and served with different dipping sauces. Yummy, light and delicious are the best way to describe this appetizer recipe.


6 soaked rice paper sheets

3 cut into strips carrot

1/2 cup coriander leaves

1/4 cup water

3 cut into strips cucumber

250 gm soaked cellophane noodles

2 tablespoon Thai sweet chilli sauce


  • Take a sheet of rice paper, soak in a shallow plate of water, cut in half.
  • Place carrots, cucumber, glass noodles on one edge.
  • Add a sprig of coriander with leaf sticking out.
  • Roll the paper tightly into the thickness of a cigar.
  • Chill in a fridge for some time and serve with Thai sweet chili sauce.