Vietnam police seized heroin and marijuana in separate drug busts


Vietnam police seized two large caches of heroin and marijuana in particular drug busts throughout the end of the week, with a few people arrested on doubt of carrying the narcotics in from neighbouring Laos, official reports said on Monday.

Socialist Vietnam has some of the world's toughest drug laws, but it shares a porous border with Laos and illegal goods from drugs to wildlife products are often smuggled through.

Police seized 112 kilograms (250 pounds) of heroin in the northern Phu Tho region late Saturday and captured four individuals subsequent to finding the drug in expansive plastic jugs.

"The heroin probably began from Laos. Further investigation will be done," said a report on the province's official website.

Suspect Vang A Cang, 42, told police the heroin was his and said he employed the three other men as drivers and watchmen for a joined expense of generally $17,500.

In a different case, police in focal Ha Tinh territory captured two Laotian men on Saturday for pirating 60 kilos of cannabis into Vietnam, as indicated by the official police daily paper. Police grabbed the cannabis.

Vietnam passes out substantial disciplines for medication related offenses. Anybody discovered liable of having more than 600 grams (20 ounces) of heroin, or more than 20 kilos of opium, can confront capital punishment.

Vietnam has sentenced many outsiders to death for medication offenses, however it has been decades since a remote national was executed in the nation.