Video that shows terminally Ill Patients Performing Stand-Up Comedy gone viral


In a world where talking about death makes most people uncomfortable, here’s a video that urges you to laugh at it. A video, which has trended on Twitter, demonstrates a group of terminally ill patients performing stand-up comedy for their families on the topic of death. The video has been shared online by ‘End Of Life Care India’ and aims to “help patients get comfortable with death. Even joke about it.” Shared around five hours before writing this, this video has gathered just about 80,000 views on YouTube so far.

The moving video demonstrates some of the most endearing stand-up comics you may have ever observed.

“Hi! I’m a Sikh. And I’m so Sikh that I was admitted to Guru Nanak Hospital,” says one of the ladies performing in the video. A few others make jokes that will make you either smile or even laugh out loud. The one thing all of them will do is move you.

The video makes for a bitter-sweet watch and has officially touched a chord with several people on social media.

“I never had tears in my eyes viewing a comic show before,” says a commenter on YouTube. “One of the most ideal approaches to touch a heart and pass on a message,” says another.

“Is it OK to #LaughAtDeath? Yes! If anyone in your family is terminally ill, you should! Your family must! And the patient, most definitely MUST!” says one Twitter client. Another says: “A nice watch #LaughAtDeath, heartwarming video. It surely will make you smile.”

Take a look at the video below: