Video of a panda mom stepping up for her baby is adorable, see now


Sure you’ve heard of tiger mothers, but have you heard of panda mothers? Latest evidence makes clear that these awesome, generally docile bears can be quite a lot more when their infants are in danger. This video of a panda mother stepping up for her infant is proof. Taped at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, China, it demonstrates a panda mother coming to her baby’s rescue when he gets into a fight with a bigger panda.

In the 30-second clip of the cute ‘fight’, the child panda is pushed down a grassy slope by the bigger panda. Instantly, his mother strolls up to the panda bullying her infant and shoves him down the very same slope.

“How dare you hurt my infant!”

Watch the full video below:

Panda mother has earned a ton of praise on social media for looking out for her child.

“Way to go Mama,” writes a commenter on Facebook. “Love the way she poked him!” says another.