Video of BJP leader Ravindra Bawanthade making sexual relations with woman in moving bus goes viral


A Maharashtra BJP youth leader Ravindra Bawanthadesexually assaulted a woman in a moving bus on Tuesday. The incident’s video has gone viral on the social media.

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The video featured BJP youth leader and the woman in sexual relations in a bus. The incident was recorded on CCTV camera.

As per the reports, the woman was raped by him after he pledges her of receiving a job. Later the video went viral on social media. Moreover, the woman also stated that the man had also assured to marry her.

The video is of Gadchiroli district. In a CCTV footage, BJP leader Ravindra Bawanthade was allegedly noticed in a CCTV camera making sexual relationship with a woman.

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When the video went viral on social media, the woman informed the matter and stated that she was sexually assaulted on the excuse of marriage and job. On the other hand, BJP leaders have denied remarks on the issue. The issue is under probe. The BJP youth leader is running away from the issue.