Viber App Updated With Adds GIF Support Alongside Backup & Restore Option


GIF images have become a wildly popular occurrence on the web and in many of the top messaging applications. While not everyone enjoys the sometimes subtle and sometimes in your face humor of the GIF, it’s nice to have the option to send them or receive them in whatever tool you use for your main form of communication. As of today, Viber users are finally getting their chance to send GIFs as the app’s most recent update now supports GIF images in messages, alongside a handful of other new features and improvements. GIFs also work in any conversation.

In addition to the GIF image support, which users won’t have to do anything special to enable, Viber has also added the ability for users to backup and restore messages. If you frequently switch between devices or if you end up having to do a factory reset, this option to make saves of your most important messages and then restore them will become a useful tool to have at your disposal. 

For users who take advantage of Viber’s Out calling plan, it’s now possible to access the plan balance and purchase new credits if needed, or switch things up and change to new special low-rate calling plans if the current plan isn’t working out for you. Lastly, the app also now makes it possible for users to send money from the U.S. to any other Viber user in more than 200 different countries worldwide, utilizing Western Union, which means that users can send for a cash pickup at a local Western Union location in any of those countries, while sending money to a user’s bank account directly is supported in 50 countries. The Viber app update should already be live on the Play Store so users can install it or update their app from the My Apps list at any point and have access to GIFs, and the other listed changes.