VHP attacks PM Modi over ‘gau rakshak’ remarks, demands cow slaughter ban


New Delhi: Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his cow vigilante remarks, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday said that Modi’s move to ask state governments to create dossiers of cow vigilantes amounts to ‘racial profiling’. 

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The VHP also asked the Centre to form a Gau Mantralaya (ministry for cows) and enact a central legislation for cow protection. Expressing “utmost dissatisfaction and agony” over Modi’s remarks, VHP’s acting president Pravin Togadia said that instead of appreciating efforts of Hindus in protecting cows and initiating a sincere dialogue with these “simple gau rakshaks”, Modi termed 80 per cent of them “anti-social”. He called it an “insult not only of gau mata (mother cow) but also of Hindus, as well as all those who gave their lives to protect cows”

“The head of the nation asking all states to create dossiers on gau rakshaks means racial profiling of a particular community — the Hindus, in this case, because Hindus give their lives to protect cows. Special dossiers are made on terrorists, serial rapists. Here, the dossiers are being made on Hindu rakshaks (protectors), but not on cow killers,” Togadia said.

Togadia also said that the VHP will provide all help to the “law-abiding gau rakshaks” and take care of their families if they are “targeted by state governments”. VHP joint general secretary Surendra Jain said most states already have laws against cow slaughter, and vigilantes would not have had to hit the streets if these laws were implemented.

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