Venezuela’s president blasted White House contenders Trump and Clinton, Both Bad


Venezuela’s leader on Wednesday impacted White House contenders Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, panning their weekend debate and warning either turning into the following US president would be terrible for Latin America.

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“I have not seen a more hopeless, more indecent level headed discussion in the United States’ political history, which I’ve taken after for a long time,” said Socialist Nicolas Maduro, amid an event to mark “Indigenous Resistance Day” in Venezuela, a previous Spanish province.

“If half of what they told each other is valid, neither of them can be president of the United States or any other nation on the planet,” included Maduro, a previous transport driver and union pioneer who had beforehand advocated previous Clinton match, Senator Bernie Sanders, calling him his “progressive companion.”

Liberal drove Caracas has regularly conflicted with Washington, frequently accusing its “settler” enemy for the OPEC country’s profound monetary emergency. The Democrat organization of Barack Obama has supported a opposition push for a recall choice to evacuate unpopular Maduro.

Clinton and Trump, which surveys appear to be disliked applicants, are competing to supplant Obama in a Nov. 8 election.

“We can’t expect anything great from both of them,” said Maduro, wearing a red shirt and encompassed by a horde of indigenous Venezuelans. “Neither Trump nor Clinton have any great wishes or interests for Venezuela or Latin America.”

Venezuela’s restriction said Maduro ought to tend to earnest local issues, similar to intense nourishment deficiencies, triple-digit swelling, and one of the world’s most noteworthy murder rates, rather than opining about different nations.

Some critics even compared Maduro to Trump a year ago after he shut outskirt intersections and expelled several Colombians, helping his rivals to remember the U.S. head honcho’s proposition to expel undocumented workers as a group and make Mexico pay for a divider isolating it from the United States.

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