Veena Malik ends her three-year-old marriage with Asad Khattak


Performer Veena Malik finished her three-year-old marriage and has officially duvoeced her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, reports. A family court in Lahore allowed them divorce recently. The court accepted Veena’s “khula” (divorce) application and ruled in her favour after non-pursuance of the case by Asad Khattak. Veena will likewise have return 25% of the ‘haq mehr’ (dower cash) to Asad Khattak because she applied for divorce, reports. Veena Malik, 33, filed for separation in first week of this January citing irreconcilable differences and saying that they couldn’t live together, a news agency cited a court official as saying.

After Asad Khattak failed to answer the court’s summons, Veena Malik’s separation plea was accepted. ‘The court accepted Veena’s request and issued a decree a month ago approving divorce between the couple,’ a court official told to a news agency.

Veena Malika and Asad Khattak got married in December 2013 in Dubai and have been living separately for the previous three months. They have two kids together – Abram (2) and Amal (1). Veena Malik, who has quit the entertainment industry after marriage, allegedly needed to rejoin the showbiz, yet Asad Khattak ‘insisting she care for their two children,’ reports.

On Twitter, Dubai-based Asad Bashir Khan Khattak describes himself as businessman, vocalist, actor and humanitarian. Veena Malik is a performer since 2000. She began her profession in Pakistan with movies like Tere Pyar Mein, Koi Tujh Sa Kahan and Mohabbatan Sachiyan. She highlighted on TV program Bigg Boss in 2010 after which she featured in Bollywood movies like Zindagi 50-50 and Super Model, and Kannada film Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga.