Vastu Tips for wealth


Astrology: Financial troubles can bring a lot of stress and keep us anxious. Vastu is important to keep our finances flowing smoothly and prevent money from being restricted due to any reason.

Make sure that you follow these proven, most accurate and specially selected money vastu tips honestly and completely to gain wealth and become rich.

Vasatu Tips

1.The almirah in which jewelry, valuables and important papers are kept should be positioned very carefully, according to Vastu. The ideal location is at the west-side wall, facing the east, or a southwest corner facing the east or the north. It should be preferably open to the north, which is the direction of Kuber, the God of wealth.

2.One of the tricks to attract wealth is to place a mirror in front of your cash locker so that the mirror shows an image of cash locker. This is emblematic that your wealth is doubled.

3.Make your front door distinctive to attract wealth within. Color it different from the neighboring walls.

4.Keep the windows clean and sparkling, as dirty glass restricts the flow of money.

5.If your expenses are spiraling beyond control, keep live plants or grains in the toilet. It will prevent the money from going down the drain, because, symbolically, growing things reabsorb water energy and recycle it.

6.Keep a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It, symbolically, doubles your wealth and opportunities.

7.Make sure to feed water and grains to birds in your plot’s yard, this attracts positive energy and wealth.

8.Fish aquariums are very positive for wealth. Choose some active and healthy fish and try to make sure that they are strong swimmers. The constant movement of fish will keep the energy of wealth on the move.

9.Purple is the color which represents wealth. Keeping a purple-colored plant in the southeast corner would be beneficial.

10.Drainage pipes should be fitted in the east or the north area of factories, offices or residences.