Vastu Tips for Happier and Healthier Home


If the home is healthy, you are healthy and at peace too. Vastu is a science that explains, in the middle of other things, the effects of a home’s interior on one’s health. A peaceful and harmonious home has a positive collision on the health of its inhabitants. Prasad Kulkarni, CEO, MahaVastu, Mumbai, gives us tips on how we can achieve that balance in our homes.

Wind chimes: Place wind chimes in north, northwest and west vastu zones. In the north, you can place a wind chime made up of five rods; this will attract new opportunities in your career. Place a seven-rod wind chime in the west for overall gains.

Dressing table: Place your dressing table in the right direction to improve your relationships. Keep it adjacent to your bedroom, but don’t place it on the southern wall in the southwest zone as it will increase expectations from your spouse, which will create problems in the relationship. Ideally, placement of the dressing table should be decided keeping in mind the effect of a mirror in Vastu.

Idol or painting of Buddha: Place a figure of Lord Buddha in the northeast Vastu zone of your house to improve your connectivity with yourself. Placing a symbol of a spiritually elevated person like Lord Buddha sends a message to your house that you want to get connected to your higher self and the space energies start programming your subconscious mind and you feel connected. The connectivity in turn facilitates new ideas, creativity and clarity of your mind.

A pair of white horses: Place a pair of white horses in the northwest zone of your home to facilitate financial support.