Vastu remedies to cure unemployment


Astrology: Success is what each person on this world dreams of and would love to achieve in their lives but sadly success is not for all. Again there are a lot of people who just want to work for the welfare of their families and have already stopped expecting success in all ways. 

There are thus a number of kinds when it comes to levels of financial conditions and also levels of earning. There are the ones who earn more than they actually require again there are people who struggle for even the bare necessities of life. The root cause is employment of course. The following are the top 5 Vastu remedies to get rid of the problem of unemployment:

1.First of all, you will have to pay attention to the Northern wall of your house. This means we are talking about any wall on the northern side. Make sure this place is very, very clean all the time. If you have any sort of table or shelf or anything like that make sure it is kept all nicely decorated and spick and span. There should absolutely be no clutter in this area.

2. There are many instances when we will find that the children of the house are facing serious unemployment problems when they grow up and finish their education and these leave the young people in immense depression. This in turn also makes the environment of the house very gloomy. To make things better make sure that you have no steel or any other cupboard on the Northern side or in the North of the room. 

3. Another remedy and a very effective one too, energizing the Northern wall and this is by painting it in the proper way. You can paint the wall with shades of sunny colours and especially yellow. Among yellow also the shade of ‘lemon yellow’ is the best. This colour is said to be a favourite of Lord Kuber and Lord Brihaspati. Lord Kuber is the one who has a store of monetary rewards and Brihaspati defect leads to struggle in life.

4. Mirrors can work as wonders when it comes to the unemployment problem which is making your life really depressing and gloomy. It is a great remedy when you find all other remedies have failed and even the good grades on your certificates are just not doing any good for you. For this first of all clean the North very well and now place full length mirror over here. You can even place more than one and in a way that looks neat and smart in your house according to your choice.

5. Appease Lord Ganesha and he will bless you with a lot of happiness. When you are going out for a job interview make sure first of all that you are confident enough and now follow that you are stepping out with your right leg first. Even before that pray to Lord Ganesha and also take a small part of the betel nut offered to Lord Ganesha as a Prasad for you.