Varun Gandhi provide Economic Support to Farmer Families


An idea is in progress by BJP MP Varun Gandhi in 2014 to provide economic support to families of debt-trapped farmers in Uttar Pradesh, many of whom committed suicide over the breakdown to pay back loans, has almost grown-up into a movement that has extend to 20 districts.
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The idea, in progress by Gandhi with his personal money, grows as local businessmen and professionals like doctors and lawyers chipped in with funds.
Varun Gandhi said, “While it remains a limited exercise with limited resources, I want to transform it into a mass movement by increasing its scale. We will now take to crowd funding for the next phase in which we aim to help 10,000 families in agrarian distress”.

The initiative took off some months before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with Gandhi’s donation of Rs 1.4 crore for 300 families with an average of Rs 50,000 per person. Till the end of September, local donors had contributed Rs 16.2 crore.
Till date, over 3,500 families have been benefited across 20 districts in UP.
The sheer numbers of beneficiaries and its impact on the ground could actually come in handy for BJP during its campaign for next year’s assembly polls in UP although Gandhi is not seen as an MP who is the eyes and ears of the party’s top leadership.

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