Varun Dhawan Trolled For Wearing Non-Luxurious Brand Inner wear, See the Pics!


Trolling is becoming a party of everyday’s life. Either it is any politician or celebrity, people are not stepping back from trolling them mercilessly.

Now, Bollywood’s handsome hunk, VarunDhawan is the new victim of trolling. Recently, Varun has posted a shirtless picture of himself which will take your breath away.

But this mesmerizing picture of Varun caught the attention of trolls because of the underwear brand which he is wearing in the picture. In the picture Varun is seen showing off his ‘Lux Cozi’ underwear. This undigesting fact of a star wearing less than a luxurious brand, gave the trolls another topic to pull this celebrities leg.

Image result for Uh-Oh! Varun Dhawan Trolled For Wearing 'Cheap' Underwear!Image result for Uh-Oh! Varun Dhawan Trolled For Wearing 'Cheap' Underwear!After realizing what had happened, Varun came with witty reply for the trolls.

Well, VarunDhawan must keep this malfunction before posting anything online.