Is Varun Dhawan on Tinder?


After a wedded man made a fake profile on Tinder and utilized a photograph of Bollywood performer Saif Ali Khan to draw ladies into relationships, a comparable scene has unfolded once more. Also, this time the on-screen character being referred to is Varun Dhawan.

The profile on the dating application has a place with a man situated in the US, who is utilizing Varun Dhawan’s real to life pictures as his own particular on the dating application. The Tinder profile has many photographs of the performer and a silly profile bio as well. The silly bio peruses, “‘Look at me, wearing all gucci mink and without me the entire ship sink.”

Identity theft is a genuine offense in the online world. Be that as it may, occasions of such VIP doppelgangers via web-based networking media have turned out to be exceptionally ordinary lately.

We’re trusting an appropriate action is made against this extortionist soon.