Varanasi : An Undeveloped Foetus Carried Out Of a Baby


Varanasi.  Doctors were surprised after carrying out an undeveloped foetus from a 6-year-old. The case is of a private hospital in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where a 6-year-old resident of Jharkhand's Garhwa district Ritesh was admitted with an undeveloped fetus in his womb. Doctors claimed that among 5 million children one such case is found.

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According to the sources Virender Bhartiya, a Jharkhand resident said from past 7 months his son Ritesh often complained about abdominal pain. He consulted several doctors but couldn’t find anything. His son was complaining about the abdominal pain often. Seeing this condition of their son the family was distraught.

He then showed him to local doctors. A doctor said that there could be lump in his belly. After consulting the local doctors Ritesh was taken to Sir Sunder Lal hospital of Benaras Hindu University(BHU) for investigation. The probe was confirmed to be a lump in the abdomen. He said that on the advice of some doctors Ritesh was admitted to a private hospital, where after Operation the undeveloped foetus was removed.  After nearly three-hour operation, doctors removed the undeveloped foetus. Ritesh is still being treated.

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