Valley of Flowers reopened for tourists


Uttarakhand: The Uttarakhand government has finally taken initiative to reopen the valley of flowers National Park for tourists to revive tourism.

The National park is situated at an altitude of 11,500 feet in the Chamoli district. On June 2013, floods provoked in the Uttarakhand by heavy rain which caused devastation across the city. Over 5,000 people were killed from various parts of the country.

The national park is known for its meadows of alpine flowers and the variety of flora. The 6km long and 2km wide U shaped valley is a home to various endangered animals.

Bhrigubeer Singh, a trekker said the Tourism and Forest department needs to make sure the influx of tourists does not hamper the ecological balance of the alpine meadows.

The ban on glaciers and grazing has spoiled the equilibrium of the Valley of flowers, yet it remains one of the beautiful place on earth, said a travel author.