Vadodara: Case filed against man for sexually assaulting 17-year-old girl


Vadodara: On Thursday a woman, mother of a 17-year-old girl, filed a rape case against the girl’s lover of three years at Bapod police station. Mother conveyed the police that, her daughter was in a relationship with indicted Arjun Bharwad.

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When she came to know about it, she told her daughter to stop meeting him. But she refused and continues to meet him clandestinely at different places.

Police officials further added that Bharwad had physical relationship with the girl following promising her to marry. But Bharwad married another girl and carries on reaching the girl’s house and force her to have physical relations with him.

Bharwad also intimidate her mother that he will kill the girl’s younger brother. On July 11, when the girl had left to Poicha with friends, Bharwad reached the girl’s house on Ajwa Road and intimidate her mother that he will kill the girl and her brother. After this the woman registered the rape complaint.

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