Uttarakhand Floor Test: Congress shows victory signs, Supreme Court to unveil its decision today


New Delhi. After the awaited Floor Test in Uttarakhand held on Tuesday, Congress people came out flashing happiness and victory. The Supreme Court will announce its decision at half past 10 on Floor Test in Uttarakhand today. According to the sources, Congress has won over Floor Test with 33 votes in favor of Congress and 28 in favor of BJP.

Former chief minister Harish Rawat smiled and flashed a V-sign but denied to put any numbers to the votes. He said, “I won’t comment on what happened inside but veil would be lifted soon.” BJP accused Congress of using money power to mobilize the MLAs. Whereas Congress said that truth has won in Uttarakhand.

Would Harish Rawat be the CM again?

 Congress sources in Delhi are telling that party will include the leaders with a clean image in the cabinet during the government formation. Harish Rawat might become the CM again but probably it is not going to be the end of his troubles. CBI is likely to question him repeatedly on Sting case. So it has been speculated that some other might get the post of CM. Indira Hridayesh’s name is expected to be taken, who is an old Congress leader of the state. But ofcourse many leaders will be ambitious for the post. Again there will be a challenge for the Congress high command to choose the name for Chief Minister due to the State Assembly Elections next year.

Hearing of legislator Shaila Rani today

Court will hear the petition filed by the Shaila Rani today only. She said in her petition that President’s Rule was applied on March 27 and on the same day Speaker disqualified 9 MLAs. Hereby the speaker can’t take such actions after the imposition of President’s Rule as his doesn’t have such rights. Speaker’s orders were wrong. Rawat too argues that Speaker can’t take decisions regarding disqualifications after Presidency Rule.