Uttar Pradesh: ”No bribe No Treatment”, Baby dies after hospital staff demand bribes


A couple belonging to the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh has alleged that their 10-month-old child died after the authorities heckled them for bribes, instead of treating  the toddler. The child would have been saved, if the nurses had delivered the injection to him on time, alleged the parents. 

The baby named Krishna died after a ward boy refused to give injection to the child on behest of a bribe of Rs 30. The child was admitted two days ago and was undergoing treatment.

According to reports, the child, Krishna, died because the hospital staff made delays in administering a crucial injection to him and wasted time in demanding bribe for giving treatment.

The hospital, however, has denied the allegations but ordered an inquiry into the incident and also sacked one of the bribe-takers. According to media reports, the child's parents had admitted their son to the children's ward of the government hospital, as the child was suffering from high fever. The couple said that they were asked for bribe by sweeper to allot a bed. They added that they had already bribed the nurse to get documentation for the child's admission to the hospital.

The couple alleged that they had to bribe the nurse to get documentation for the child’s admission to the hospital. Later, the sweeper at the children’s ward also asked for bribe to allot a bed to the child. Investigations are now underway.