Uttar Pradesh: After groom’s ‘nagin’ dance bride cancelled the marriage in Shahjahanpur


Weddings are the ideal time to have a ton of fun and set the dance floor ablaze with the bhangras and the thumkas. The well known “nagin” dance additionally gets a mind-boggling reaction at numerous weddings, yet this one was an exception.

A couple of days back, the bride canceled the wedding just before ceremonies were to start after she found groom’s dance so embarrassing.

The episode occurred in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur.

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Priyanka Tripathi chosen to cancel her marriage after the groom Anubhav Mishra played out the “nagin” dance in a totally drunken state.

The groom’s family and companions attempted a wide range of strategies to induce the bride but she remained by her choice.

In any case, the bride dad stood by her choice. “The boy made a significant scene. I needed to support my girl,” he said.

At last, Priyanka got married the next day with a more “sober” mate.