Ustaad T24 fallen ill, team of doctors formed


Ranthambore: “Ustaad T-24” who was shifted from Ranthambore to Udaipur recently has again fallen ill. The reports revealed that he does not take proper food.

Currently, the tiger is suffering from “Megacolon” disease because of which he had not taken food from past 2-3 days.

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Ustad T-24 has been taken under observation by the doctor, Dr. T Mohanrajan said.

A team of doctors have been formed to operate the tiger and it will reach to the biological park.  

Doctors including Arvind mathur from Jaipur, Dr. Shravan Singh from Jodhpur and Dr. Himanshu Vyas will go to the park to operate the tiger.

“Ustad T-24” was shifted on 16 May, 2015 from Ranthambore to Udaipur Biological Park.  From thereafter, wildlife lovers are strictly protesting.

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