Usain Bolt advised to eat beef twice a day, won nine gold medals says BJP MP Udit Raj


BJP MP and Dalit leader Udit Raj raised a couple of eyebrows today with a tweet which proposed that Jamaican competitor and Olympics Triple Gold champ Usain Bolt went ahead to win nine Olympic gold awards regardless of being conceived in neediness after his coach exhorted him to eat hamburger twice every day.

"Usain Bolt of Jamaica was poor and coach prompted him to eat hamburger both the times and he scored 9 gold decorations in Olympics," the Lok Sabha part from North West Delhi said. Hamburger is an emotive issue for the BJP.

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States ruled by the gathering have turned out with extreme laws banning its exchange. Udit Raj, in any case, later attempted to play down any debate saying that he simply rehashed what Bolt's mentor had said and all he implied was the competitors can figure out how to exceed expectations in spite of afflictions and they ought not reprimand circumstances for their disappointments. "All I needed to say that giving reasons that we don't have framework or there is defilement ought to be discarded and lesson, commitment ought to be learnt from Usain Bolt.

 What I needed to say is our players ought to discover ways and means as he discovered ways and means," he later said, including there is no absence of offices for games people in the nation. Government spends an enormous measure of cash on them contrasted with countries like Jamaica or Kenya, he said, staying away from any notice of meat.

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