US welcomes Army Chief’s remark on Afghanistan..


ISLAMABAD: The United States has welcomed the statement of Army Chief General Raheel Sharif that it will not allow its soil to be used against Afghanistan. "Pakistan’s army chief, just today gave a speech in Pakistan saying something that we’ve heard before from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, that Pakistan’s territory will not be allowed to be used for terrorist attacks against its neighbors,” a senior official of Obama administration said in a press briefing.

“Raheel added today, which was very significant, is he issued instructions to the security elements law enforcement, intelligence, military elements to enforce that dictum, to ensure that the territory is not used for terrorism,” the official added.

In response to a question, the senior official stated that the presence of safe havens for terrorists in Pakistan was not a new thing. He however did say that during the past few years, Pakistan has acted against terrorist organizations and has also lost many lives in the process.

Yesterday, General Raheel spent the first day of Eid with troops in forward area of North and South Waziristan. He told the troops that Pakistan will not allow anyone to use its soil against Afghanistan and directed all commanders, intelligence agencies and LEAs to take concrete measures against violators.

A White House spokesman, the remarks by the Army Chief are of critical importance and are seen with much appreciation. He said that the United States welcomes the efforts and sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war against terrorism and the ongoing operation.