US tells Pak’s envoys to end cross-border attacks


NEW DELHI: US government authorities and research organizations advised Islamabad’s special envoys to Kashmir who went by Washington a week ago to “end cross-border attacks if Pakistan wants its stance on Kashmir to be heard”, reported today.

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Following five days of getting no adoration from Washington on the Kashmir issue, the emissaries, who began their Washington trip with rant, finished it with a yowl.

Toward the begin of their 5-day trip, the Pakistani agents cautioned that their nation will join the “China-Russia-Iran” hub if the US didn’t intercede in the Kashmir issue. They even made an impression on India that they will summon the Maoists and little uprisings in upper east India, if India keeps on discussing Balochistan, media reported yesterday.

Toward the end of their trek yesterday, however, the emissaries struck a more concialiatory note saying “there’s no part for militancy in strategy making and non-state on-screen characters can’t be permitted to work from the Pakistani region,” according to a leading Pakistani daily

Mushahid Hussain Syed, one of the two agents sent to the US to present Pakistan’s case on Kashmir, said that there was finished agreement on this issue in parliament, where all gatherings mutually drafted a 22-point determination requesting that the administration end militancy. Syed’s remarks came a couple days after Dawn reported that the regular citizen government as of late sent a limit message to the nation’s military initiative, saying Pakistan will be totally confined on the off chance that it didn’t stop cross-fringe aggressor assaults.

First light further composed today that discretionary sources in Washington said the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s agents “noticed the damage the militancy has done to Pakistan’s image in general, and to the Kashmir cause in particular, and it is likely to figure prominently in their assessment of the current mood in Washington.”

Alluding to the turmoil in Kashmir, taking after the executing of Hizbul Mujahideen fear based oppressor Burhan Wani, a news report said that “in the US media, the Uri assault sidelined whatever sensitivity the uprising” in Kashmir had pulled in.

“In the initial days of the uprising, major US media outlets condemned Indian atrocities against civilians and stressed the need for resolving the Kashmir dispute. But after the attack, the coverage shifted to militancy, with some reports clearly blaming Pakistan for allowing militants to use its territory,”the article said.

Pakistan was comparatively sidelined in the UN General Assembly a month ago, Dawn composed.

“Pakistan faced a similar isolation at the UN General Assembly in New York last month where the prime minister forcefully raised the Kashmir issue but failed to gain as much sympathy as he would have, had there been no militant attack,”the report said.

Recently, following 5 days of answering to questions about the Uri fear assault, the agents said the US was doing “positive pushing and nudging” for lessening strains amongst India and Pakistan. They included that they would not be astonished if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at long last came to Islamabad to go to the Saarc summit “and grasp Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif”.

Modi said on September 27 he won’t go to the summit. After that all Saarc nations dropped out and Islamabad needed to cross out the summit.

There is no option for talks. Furthermore, this is a message that the Americans are additionally sending to both India and Pakistan,” said the other agent, MNA Shezra Mansab Ali.

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