US supports Afghan request for inclusion of India in Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s alleged that it would ask Pakistan for the inclusion of India in the transit trade agreement. The agreement would make stronger trade relations between all the countries of the region.

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Deputy Spokesperson of the U.S. State Department, Mark C. Toner asserted, "I would just say, speaking broadly, that we would support stronger trade relations within the region. And we've long said that it's a priority for the United States at least, but it should be a priority for the countries in the region to all work more cooperatively and constructively together. And a trade agreement would be part of that."

When asked by a reporter for India’s inclusion in the transit trade agreement, Toner replied, "I think we would encourage, as I said, stronger trade relations between all the countries of the region."

The agreement is signed between Islamabad and Kabul and it is considered as Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA). It has been renegotiated several times.

The bargain was marked in 1950 which gave Afghanistan the privilege to import obligation free merchandise through Karachi.

Then, on additionally being about Afghanistan stand that if India is excluded, it would deny Pakistan the privilege to travel its merchandise to Central Asia through Afghanistan, Toner said, "I'm not going to say something regarding the transactions between – reciprocal arrangement betweenAfghanistan and Pakistan."

He was of the supposition that Afghanistan has rights to settle on its own choices concerning who it chooses to permit exchange relations with.

"Afghanistan is a sovereign nation and it has its own particular rights – it has rights to settle on its own choices as to who it chooses to permit exchange relations with. In any case, comprehensively, once more, it's in light of a legitimate concern for the area, it's been a reliable objective of our own deliberately to advance more grounded relations between every one of the nations," he included.

The APTTA arrangement likewise permits Afghanistan to access to the dry port of Lahore, furthermore access to an area course up to the Wagah fringe with India.

Be that as it may, it doesn't permit India to utilize the area course to fare merchandise to Afghanistaneither.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi declaring one billion USD help to Kabul, Toner said that the US backings India's liberality and spotlight on Afghanistan and readiness to helpAfghanistan turn into a more grounded and autonomous nation.

"The way that India will put resources into that future we see as an extremely positive sign and we welcome India's exertion," he said.

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