US Study on Pollution Rejected by India


NEW DELHI:  The Indian central government discarded a study on pollution published in the Geophysical Research Letters Journal of the American Geophysical Union on Wednesday.They reject the claims made in the article that each Indian loses six years of his life because of pollution. The Ministry of Earth Sciences does not agree with the study and completely rejects it, Prakash Javadekar Minister of State of Environment, Forests and Climate Change conveyed in a report in Delhi.

“The study is based on regional atmospheric chemistry model and statistical algorithm to build estimates”, said by the Ministers. It has been not said on long term observations. This study is based on the studies in Europe and America, which have been extrapolated on India. The government is serious about pollution in the country said by Mr. Prakash Javadekar.

Pollution is India’s serious problem. But there are some other pollutants that are harmful to health.O3 (Ozone Layer) is hazardous and a pollutant that has an adverse impact on life and is also mainly present in California. NOX is another pollutant present much more in Mexico, UAE and China, than in India. Every pollutant adversely affects health. So, on an on country have different experiences and different status about it. But the pollution problem has become serious in India over the last 10 years, because of neglegtion.