US, South Korea begins four-day naval drills in caution to North Korea


The United States and South Korea have begun joint naval drills that will include three US aircraft carriers. The armed officials stated it as a clear caution to North Korea.

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On Friday, the four-day drills were held in waters in South Korea’s eastern coast following President Donald Trump visit to Asia that was conquered by talks over the North Korean nuclear threat.

South Korea’s armed affirms that the scuffle groups of the USS Ronald Reagan, the Theodore Roosevelt and the Nimitz will consecutively come into the exercise area at the time of drills that operates until Tuesday.

The three carriers will be probable together in the drills around Monday.

Ever Since 2007, it’s the foremost time that three US carrier strike groups are running together in the Western Pacific.

As per the reports, the drills will also include 11 U.S. Aegis ships, 7 South Korean naval vessels, involving two Aegis vessels.

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“They will aim to enhance combined operation and aerial strike capabilities and also display “strong will and firm military readiness to defeat any provocation by North Korea with dominant force in the event of crisis,” Seoul’s military asserted.