US Secretary John Kerry had a great time despite rain, traffic jams, says official


US Secretary of State John Kerry had a marvelous time in Delhi despite of heavy rain, official said.

"The Secretary was extremely thankful for the bolster, politeness and the time that he was managed by Indian pioneers in the course of the most recent two days. I am somewhat bewildered that you need to make a political line out of the way that a portion of the gatherings didn't begin on time," State Department Spokesman John Kirby told correspondents at his day by day news meeting on Wednesday.

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Mr. Kerry, he said, has had an "astounding couple of days" in India.

Reacting to an inquiry on Mr. Kerry getting postponed for occasions and canceling visits to religious destinations because of nasty climate, Mr. Kirby brought up that numerous gatherings at the Foggy Bottom central command of the State Department including his every day news meeting does not begin on time notwithstanding when there is no downpour.

"I was late for the instructions, and that wasn't considerably climate related. Yet, look, it's been an extraordinary couple of days…he was extremely happy to have the capacity to be in New Delhi and to have these exchanges, and we anticipate proceeding with that profound relationship going ahead," Mr. Kirby said.

"There were some postponements in light of downpour, and not even the Prime Minister, who we have awesome appreciation for, can do much about that. It's climate, and that it brought on some deferrals I think would be normal," he said.

"As I comprehend from conversing with Mark (Toner), my appointee, who is out there, this wasn't only a sprinkle. This was entirely noteworthy downpour, straight up to the highest point of the tires on the autos."

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