US resumes airstrikes against IS as Turkey revives air base


The upset endeavor seems to have further strained Ankara’s ties with Washington, as Turkey charged a US-based priest, Fethullah Gulen

The US continued airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) after Turkey opened its airbase which was shut in the wake of a fizzled endeavored upset on July 16.

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Addressing correspondents installed his plane after a visit to Afghanistan, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, affirmed the reviving of the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, Xinhua news office gave an account of Monday.

“We continued flight operations, and airspace is opened go down—the same old thing,” Dunford told Pentagon journalists, adding there are no arrangements to change the US power stance in Turkey.

“Our association with Turkey as a Nato partner is wide—politically, monetarily and from a security point of view,” he said.

Regarding desperation, the US was most worried about the counter-IS battle and its organization with Turkey in the battle, Dunford included.

The outskirt territory amongst Turkey and Syria was basic, as remote warriors and cash stream over the fringe, Dunford noted.

“The Turkish-Syrian fringe is critical to separate the war zone in Syria,” he said, including “as we’re watching that pretty nearly, as well.”

Dunford communicated help that Turkey “bobbed back before long” in the initial 24 hours as far as encouraging operations in Syria.

Turkey shut the airspace of the Incirlik Air Base and cut business power supply taking after Friday’s military overthrow endeavor, in which no less than 290 individuals, including 190 regular folks, were killed.

The overthrow endeavor seems to have further strained Ankara’s ties with Washington, as Turkey charged a US-based minister, Fethullah Gulen, of plotting the upset, while requesting Gulen’s removal by the American government.

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Talking in Luxembourg on Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Washington would consider Turkey’s solicitation for Gulen’s removal on condition that Turkey demonstrates the pastor’s wrongdoing.