US President Obama will visit Poland, Spain to attend NATO Summit


US President Barack Obama will go to Europe this week. He would attend NATO summit and hold gatherings with top European pioneers in Polland and Spain taking after Britain's way out from the EU.

“This trip comes at an important time,” said Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor.

“Certainly NATO as the foundation of transatlantic security and the cornerstone of global security, but also our ability to engage with European allies in the context of the aftermath of Brexit, some of the tensions with Russia over the last several years, and the broader concerns about the counter-ISIL effort and the refugee situation,” he said.

“So many different pressing issues that will be on the agenda at Warsaw and throughout the President’s time in Europe,” Rhodes said.

On Friday, The meeting of US-EU will be held which will provide opportunity to discuss the result of the Brexit vote and very strong support for the European project.

“They’ll review the circumstances in the aftermath of Brexit. They’ll also be able to discuss a range of issues we’re cooperating with the Europeans. That would include terrorism, migration, economic issues, Russia,” he said.

Moreover, Obama would also meet the Ukrainian president along with leaders of the UK, Germany, France, and Italy after attending his NATO Summit at Warsaw in Poland.

“(This is) a format that he’s worked with on many issues, but in particular on Ukraine, it’s an important opportunity to reaffirm our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, to stress the urgency of moving forward with the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and expressing our continued determination to maintain sanctions on Russia should they not follow through on those commitments,” Rhodes said.

After attending his NATO summit, Obama will head to Spain, which is the one major European country that he has not visited yet.

“After the Warsaw summit, the command and control of the ballistic missile defense system will pass from the US to NATO”, Doug Lute, US Permanent Representative to NATO said.

“And of course, the President, in being able to meet with the European leaders and the EU leaders and certainly he’ll be seeing Prime Minister David Cameron as well can get a sense from them over how they are thinking about the discussions and negotiations that they will have surrounding the British decision to exit the European Union,” he said.

“It’s possible that this is the President’s final stop in Europe, although there may be additional changes. It is certainly his last NATO summit,” he added.