US Navy destroyer and Philippine-flagged container ship collide Off Japan: Navy


A US Navy destroyer and a Philippine-flagged container ship collided off the south coast of Japan, causing unspecified wounds, the US Navy detailed Friday.

The crash between the guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald and the ACX Crystal occurred around 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan at around 2:30 am Saturday (1730 GMT Friday).

The Japanese Coast Guard was on the scene and the extent of damages and wounds was being determined, the Navy said.

Video taken by NHK News demonstrated the starboard side of the Fitzgerald just ahead of the control tower heavily harmed, and a news agency revealed the ship had gone up against water.

Japanese tugboats were demonstrated towing it back to port.

The 154-meter (505-foot) Fitzgerald is based at Yokosuka, south of Yokohama and Tokyo, and operates in the Pacific.

The ACX Crystal is a 222-meter commercial container ship that, as per marine tracking sites,was on its way to Tokyo.