US importing terrorism through failed immigration system


Republican candidate Donald Trump says, that US has a poor immigration system and it does not protect its citizen.


Washington: The US is “importing radical Islam” through a failed immigration system, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has warned as he ramped up his rhetoric for a ban on Muslims entering the country. “We need to tell the truth, also, about how radical Islam is coming to our shores. We are importing radical Islamic terrorism into the West through a failed immigration system and through an intelligence community held back by our president,” Trump, said in a major policy speech on terrorism and national security.

His comments came two days after a New York born self radicalised Afghan origin youth killed 50 people in the deadliest mass shooting in American history. In his speech in New Hampshire, Trump reiterated call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US and said that the Afghan family of the Orlando Shooter should not have been allowed to enter America.