US Immigration who detained 58-Year-Old Indian Man At Atlanta Airport Dies In Custody


A 58-year-old Indian man took his last breathe in the custody of US immigration officials at a hospital in Atlanta on Tuesday. Last week, Atul Kumar Babubhai Patel was arrested for allegedly not having important immigration documents while coming into the country. On May 10, Mr Patel reached at the Atlanta airport on a flight from Ecuador.

The victim was taken into the custody by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Atlanta City Detention Center for about two days. Officials stated the preliminary reason behind his death is heart attack.

The Immigration department stated the US Customs and Border Protection refused Mr Patel way in into the country as he did not having the essential immigration documents. Later, he was moved to the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mr Patel got preliminary medical screening at the Atlanta City Detention Center. He was having BP and Diabetes.

A nurse looking out Mr Patel’s blood sugar on Saturday observed that he had a breathing problem due to which he was taken to a hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

The agency has notified the Indian consular members who told Mr Patel’s family about his death.