US does not support independence for Balochistan


WASHINGTON: The US regards the solidarity and regional honesty of Pakistan and does not bolster freedom for Balochistan, a state office official has said. 

"The administration approach is that we bolster the regional trustworthiness of Pakistan and we don't bolster autonomy for Balochistan," State Department Spokesman John Kirby told columnists at his every day news gathering on Monday. 

Kirby was reacting to an inquiry on developing feedback from both inside and outside Pakistan's Balochistan area on its freedom and infringement of human rights by the Pakistani security powers there. 

"Where does the US stand on Balochistan? Since Indian Prime priest (Narendra Modi) has raised this subject," Kirby was inquired. 

"The US Government regards the solidarity and regional respectability of Pakistan and we don't bolster freedom for Balochistan," he emphasized. 

In his Independence Day address from the Red Fort, PM Modi had talked about the circumstance in Pakistan-possessed Kashmir, Gilgit and Balochistan and said individuals from that point have expressed gratitude toward him for raising their worries.