US discloses thousands of hidden John F Kennedy murder files


US President Donald Trump has permitted the release of at least 3,000 covert files about the murder of Ex US president John F Kennedy but withdrawn only some “sensitive” proceedings to guard military and intelligence actions.

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National Archives stated that on instructions from Donald Trump it had freed 2,891 proceedings about the murder of Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Slay stunned the nation and initiated a plot that persist to impoverish substitute theories about who was involved in the assassination of the president.

On demand of security agencies, Trump permitted to reveal some records for the investigation. He instructed that the files must be analyzed in the coming 180 days.

“This provisional maintenance from complete public revelation is essential to safeguard against mischief to the military defence, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the behavior of foreign relations that is of such seriousness that it offset the attention in instant exposĂ©,” Trump stated.

“The President has ordered unparalleled clearness from the agencies and told them to reduce redactions devoid of holdup,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

Prior on July 24 in year 2017, the National Archives had disclosed 3,810 related  documents involving 441 records before withdrawn in their total and 3,369 proceedings earlier withdrawn in part.

As per senior administration official, Donald Trump was not glad that he had to open several files.

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The National Archives stated that the concluding batch included detail on the Central Intelligence Agency’s station in Mexico City. Moreover, there are also papers citing name of James Jesus Angleton.