US: Delhi based Indian Man arrested for illegitimately Selling Silencers For Guns


WASHINGTON: A Delhi based Indian has been detained in the US for unlawfully trading silencers, utilized to decrease the sound of guns, and making decision to smuggle further, an American attorney asserted.

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The accused has been detained as Mohit Chauhan, 31, a native of Pitampura in New Delhi. As per Department of Justice, he has been given three years of imprisonment.

The capture came following he admitted guilty in front of US District Judge Elizabeth Foote in Louisiana of selling firearms with no license.

As per the culpable petition filed on April 20, 2017, Mr Chauhan was in touch with someone desiring to purchase silencers.

Mr Chauhan talked about the production of silencers with the possible customer by email and phone calls. Moreover, he also conversed about trading more silencers and parts by cataloging them as “auto parts” to escape US Customs.

Following the meeting, he reached in Shreveport on December 1 in 2017 to meet the purchaser and fetch silencer parts with him.

He had even gone to a restaurant in Louisiana’s Bossier City to talk about the sale information with the purchaser. Agents record the meeting.

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Mr Chauhan did not have a license to contract or organize a business indulging silencers and parts as needed by law. The silencers and parts had travelled in foreign commerce, as per statement by the department.